Our team is diverse both culturally and professionally. Each of us bring unique talents and personalities and together, we help each other during these unprecedented times.

Dr. Silvia Cardona

Professor and Principal Investigator

Silvia is the lead researcher of this group. She is passionate about research, and mentoring the next generation of scientists.

Dr. Anna Motnenko

Postdoctoral Fellow

Anna comes with a PhD in Biochemistry from Oxford University and an interest in developing novel methods for detecting microbial pathogens. Winter in Winnipeg? not a problem if you smile!

Andrew Hogan

Ph.D. Candidate, Vanier Canada Graduate Scholar

His mission: to fight bad bugs by discovering novel antimicrobial targets and drugs. Andrew is @MicrobeAndrew on Twitter, and if you follow him, you will have fun and learn a a lot of microbiology!

Zisan Rahman

Ph.D. Student, U of Manitoba Graduate Fellow

Zisan is unstoppable and our CRISPR “go-to person”. Zisan is building a CRISPRi library one 96-well plate of gRNAs at a time! Does he dream in 96-well format?

Haben Tesfu

Masters Student

Haben was brave enough to start a new research field in our lab in collaboration with Dr. David Levin: Bioplastics! He is looking for novel enzymes that degrade bioplastics efficiently.

Dustin Maydaniuk

Masters Student, Canada Graduate Scholar

With passion and determination, Dustin is focused on elucidating the mode of action of novel antibiotic molecules discovered by our collaborator Dr. Mingdi Yan. Did I say passion? Follow @dustin09t as an advocate for social change!

Zhong Ling Yap

Masters Student, Research Manitoba Scholar

Zhong Ling is a fan of Burkholderia and its potential for biotechnological applications. Will she discover novel enzymes in Burkholderia genomes?

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Chengyou Liu

Masters Student, Pingzhao Hu Lab

We borrowed Chengyou from the lab of our co-investigator Dr. Pingzhao Hu. Chengyou is working on a machine learning algorithm to predict antibiotic activity in small molecule libraries

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Rebecca Lohmann

Becca comes with a Bachelor’s degree from MacEwan University and a strong interest in CRISPR/Cas gene editing methodologies. Burkholderia is waiting for her!

Atif Ul Aftab

Part-time Bioinformatician

Atif has a passion for bioinformatics and machine learning, which brought him here. He obtained a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Manitoba.

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Coming soon: Zayra Yael Batun

A previous Mitacs summer intern, Zayra is coming back as a graduate student! We cannot wait until this summer when she joins us again.