The Cardona Lab is proud to have a Vanier awardee, Andrew Hogan as part of our team

Andrew Hogan, a PhD student in our lab is one of the six 2019 Vanier Canada Graduate Scholars of the University of Manitoba.

The Vanier Award (the most prestigious award for Canadian PhD students) recognizes leadership skills and research accomplishments, encouraging PhD students to become tomorrow’s leaders.”

3MM (three minutes of Microbiology) !

Recognizing the importance of effective communication in Science and cross-pollination of ideas and techniques, the Department of Microbiology hosted a 3MM (three minutes of Microbiology!) on May 29 during the Microbiology Annual Retreat.

The 3MM event encouraged students and professors to share their research using a 3MT (3 minute thesis) style presentation. The Department recognized student participation and the three best presentations in each of the categories: Masters and PhD theses.

Regardless of the competition, the main goal of this activity was the sharing of ideas in a positive environment, which is respectful of diversity in its many forms. In addition, the microbiology students acquired skills to enter formal 3MT competitions held every year at the University of Manitoba and all over the world.

Information given to participants:

Watch these examples of great 3MT presentations

Prepare your presentation with these instructions in mind

Know about the judging criteria