Thank you to @CF_Foundation for funding @cardona_lab @DrR_Davis and Dr Pingzhao Hu to develop an in silico tool for antibiotic activity prediction

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has awarded a Pilot and Feasibility Grant to the University of Manitoba Interdisciplinary team formed by Silvia Cardona, Rebecca Davis, and Pingzhao Hu. Together, the group will combine their expertise in chemogenomics, cheminfomatics and artificial intelligence to develop an in silico tool to predict antibiotic activity in Burkholderia cepacia complex, followed by experimental validation of predictions. Credits  go to lab members Md. Mohaiminul Islam, Kevin Jeffers, Andrew M. Hogan and Qian Liu for producing amazing preliminary results!

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Crossing Disciplines

Our lab was awarded a University Collaborative Interdisciplinary Research Program Grant “Prediction of novelty and mode of action of natural antibacterial compounds by machine learning. The collaborative team is integrated by Dr. Rebecca Davis (Chemistry, Faculty of Science) and Computer Scientist Dr. Pingzaho Hu (Biochemistry and Medical Genetics, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences). Thank you University of Manitoba!