New Positions in Cardona Lab

Interested in large-scale mutagenesis and interdisciplinary research? We are too! Looking for graduate students for September 2019 Positions are fully funded by NSERC, Research Manitoba, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Cystic Fibrosis Canada Contact Dr. Cardona with CV and transcripts

New Collaboration

The Cardona lab,  the Kumar lab and the Hausner lab have been awarded a Catalist grant from the Manitoba Chemosensory Group (MCSB) to explore CRISPR-based techniques for next-generation antimicrobials. Thank you MCSB and University of Manitoba!

Crossing Disciplines

Our lab was awarded a University Collaborative Interdisciplinary Research Program Grant “Prediction of novelty and mode of action of natural antibacterial compounds by machine learning. The collaborative team is integrated by Dr. Rebecca Davis (Chemistry, Faculty of Science) and Computer Read more